Advise for the creators of audiovisual works

Greyland Film, spol. s r. o. (GF) advises the creators of the audiovisual works (films, TV shows, videoclips for music videos or other videoproductions, theater performances, etc.), that all hereby distributed and commercionalized masks and other products are copyrighted works of art of Mr. Miloš Grey, graphic artists, illustrator, sculptor, designer and cartoonist.

GF was granted with an exclusive license to commercionalize, i. e. to manufacture, distribute, sell directly or indirectly, market and advertise the latex masks based on original drawings and sculptures of Mr. Miloš Grey. The purpose of the license is to sell the masks to general public for noncommercial use as amusement, carnevals, parties etc. Said license does not cover any intentional or unintentional commercial use in movies, videoclips, music clips, theater performances and other audiovisual materials, no matter the purpose (as a character / prop), media (traditional / online) or audience. Therefore, since the masks are reproductions (or derivative works) of above mentioned originals, GF cannot under conditions of the Czech law use the works deliberately beyond the extent of the license provided, nor provide any license for such use.

If the commercial use of any of GF’s masks is requested, however, the author may give his explicit consent and set the conditions for such use. Provision of said consent is intermediated by GF. The author requests for his decision below listed information on your project.

Unfortunately, we can not deal with the enquiry about the possible use of the brand mask GF for the project / program, unless the production team gives the company GF 20 working days for the necessary administrative and implementation steps. Some of the designs may be blocked from the past by former productions and the author and our legal representative want to take some time to think the enquiry over. It is very useful to deal with the topic in the early preparatory stage of the project and not just a few days before the shooting takes place – this is something we couldn't accept.
Thank you for your understanding.  

Please, be assured, that the information provided is considered to be the trade secret of yours, kept accordingly and used only for the purpose of granting / not granting the consent.

Contact to a lawyer:
JUDr. Ing. Jindřich Kalíšek


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