We produce a universal size of the masks. We are not specialised in masks for children therefore we do not produce any smaller sizes. The size of replicas of an author craft is designed for a head of an adult person. The size changes with different types of character only. The masks’ faces adapt to any human head thanks to its softness. We could reccomend or exclude certain types of masks which wouldn’t fit or would be too tight (that could cause a deformation of the mask) if you ask us directly. A comical character can be created if a teenager takes on the masks’ face. I do strongly recommend, however, to supervise children at all time due to safety of children as well as the GF masks life. (One never knows what children think of.)


Grimases works the best if the masks’ face fits accurately. Each type of Mask of Face has its own character, proportion and size. It may happen that the Masks of Face will be loose on one’s face. An exact transfer of facial grimaces is enabled by a special custom made mask only, where every facial muscle touches the mask on every inch. A special gadgetry is implanted where the mask doesn’t fit properly. We have to take up with basic expressive grimaces. The more a mask is loose on one’s face the more all facial grimaces are reduced. A plastic foam can be used to stuff the mask to increase the transfer of facial movements.

You can also increase the transfer of facial movements by using an appropriate glue, e.g. a glue used by actors in theathre. The result will depend on individual use and it will creatively vary from case to case. Generaly it depends on how much you’ll stick the mask to the face. This rule applies for lips movements as well. If the mask fits properly – it moves accordingly. If you wish to glue the mask to your face, please use a special glue used by professional actors in theatres. Only those are safe. Do not use any other glue. Gluing the masks is not a part of GF dramaturgy as we choose rather easier way of quick taking the masks on and off. Please note that an slight inconvenience can occur when gluing the mask directly on face. A glued mask causes sweating and therefore it is advisable to carry a personal hygienic aids with you. 


We use a specially prepared dye which can not be used without a professional equipment. If you wish to add more colors to your mask, do not use any agressive colors and colors that leave dry and hard surface effects. Dry colors can damage the surface of the masks. Please be careful when using any additional colors as make-up, it can be easily wiped off when taking the mask on/off.

Note that any additional home-made modifying is excluded from a complaint procedure. Should you wish to experiment with your own creativity please bear on mind optimal solution and possible and to avoid unnecessary expenses. There is no universal advise how to do so. Therefore we reccomend to consider carefully your method/plan.


You can increase the professional look of your Mask Of Face by adding a wig, false teeth, glasses, costume, contact lenses, artificial lashes or any other props. I reccomend to take a bit of time for preparation and tests as well as a proper search for quality accesories. Cheap and unrealistic fakes from chain stores can damage otherwise perfect effect of your disguise. In a line of special effects even only one bad choice can degrade or destroy the whole illusion.


The dramaturgy of GF company is focused on a family fun. We will always try to satisfy any special request if possible. Despite this we cannot turn aside from our strict sets of trading and producing systems, which allow us to keep affordable prices. Any major variation from existing designes of our Masks Of Faces causes huge complication in the production itself. Therefore it is neccessary to carefully consider a creation of a new prototype as it is a very expensive, individual matter. I am convinced that the existing range of our Masks of Faces collection offers huge, creative possibilities even without a need of creating a totally new, custom made 3D prototype. That is a matter for professional movie producers. There is no problem with changing a color or changing a characteristic make-up according to a sample, you’d sent us. For example, you’d like to have a mask of an green old man with a snot. Or, we can change the color and create a clown or a zebra from any mask you fancy. There is no problem to change the color of eyes, skin colors according different ethnics, lips tone... You say it. Additional cost are solved from case to case but don’t worry we won’t ask too much. Only terms of delivery can be slightly prolonged when asking for color alternations. If you wish, we can send you a mask with no other colors but an ethnic skin tone you choose so you can create your own make-up. The price of these “naked” Masks of Faces remains the same as we have to lay the same amount of the usual protective layers on it.


Don’t worry, you can do whatever you want to with the Mask of Faces. You can be as creative as you can. The result of your creativity – a decoration or even an acting performance, can be photographed and/or recorded. There would be a problem though, when using our product in any way (public or private) to gain any amount of money or other kind of benefits. Close friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, family members, neighbours, schoolmates, teachers etc. are not strangers, therefore there is no need to charge money for your performance/show.

The author of Masks of Faces has nothing against any kind of usage as long as it is free of any kind of charge. You can change and use any accesories you like to (even totally) change the look of our Masks of Faces.. e.g. you’d need a creepy forest creature for an amateur theatre show...You can decorate the mask for a party. You can also use our mask in a non-profitable movie of yours..

Limits are constituted only for any professional, public, profitable usage.


We don't bestow any information about the company’s Know How as it is a résumé of expensive investments and a work of many specialised professionals during the decades. We had to develop and carefully test many patents. We cannot give out such information. We do not sell/give out any of our materials we use either. Most important is a safety when using these materials. There are very strict safety precautions in our businesses. GF company is neither educational nor state’s company. Therefore any activities of this kind are out of the frame of our offer as well as the dramaturgy.

Greyland Film is not a wholesale business. The company is based on a position of a producer with own, original dramaturgy and style which is suggestively offered to a professional distributors if they haven't chosen a style for themselves. All the Gf’s activities does not consists only of the production of Masks of Faces. Our activities include e.g. “basic” form of distribution directly to customers ( E-shop) and a providing of related services. Read on to learn more about other GF activities. The Gf company definitely does not belongs to subjects whose basic and last aim is money earning. We work in such dramaturgical environment where this is not the target. There is a necessity of financial needs in our company as well, of course. Should finances be an “intelectual” limit for us then we’d rather fill our work days with something diferent and easier.


I don’t plan to add present, living, negative types e.g. politicians, to my collection of Masks of Faces. The purpose of Masks of Faces and variations is to support a creativity -an evolving game. We do not support or advertise any living, world well-known persons who are involved in other people’s suffering and tragedies and who attacks a humanity in any form. If there are masks inspired by real, fantasy or stylised world’s offer, here in my horror's collection, it went thru a carefull, creative treating by my designers to fulfill a form of fun for just about everybody’s speed. Still, in a frame within the necessary and moral code of civilization. That I, G-Fantomas keep an eye on. A creative piece of work has to remain responsible as any piece of work. An art should be beautiful. I know, in my case, the beauty of my art is sometimes a little controversial but even an ugliness has the right to be esthetic. The perfect Mask of Face actively supports a physical and psychical development. Not its decline.

There are still new products coming up, here in GF. There is a whole line of works of art in my company, waiting for its time in my stores. I go public with these new pieces when a good occasion occurs, so my collection constantly grows bigger. You can look forward to more interesting, uncommon as well as common faces my author and his team’s atelier create.

I keep the collection of masks on the most professional level to ensure that the illusion and enchantment a mask can create is enormous when used well. That‘s why I hold on to only one world’s well known, signature desing of a top stylised artist. He can do magic with a pencil and clay. It is well-tried for two decades. He’s almost as good as me, G-Fantomas. I do not produce another’s authors works of art. Masks of Faces are a specialised branch in my company. I do not work with other topic such as costumes and accesories.


The price of the Mask of Face character includes the author's fee. A new owner of a replica of an author's craft, who bought the product for a personal, non- profitable use, is - as for the copyright - settled, after a payment for the goods.



Commercial use of Mask of Face is possible only when a special written licence is closed. This licence is issued by the author and the owner of of copyright through the production GF company, who's a holder of general, exclusive licence for replicas of the creative author's craft.

The owner of the copyright does not agree with usage of Masks of Faces in activities where the piece of art serves as a demonstration of thieving or any forms of violence. An exception could be an obvious exaggeration or parody. The author also does not agree with usage in cases where a moral code is denied and the mask is within the frame of naturalistic believability degraded.

The owner of the copyright cannot consider a granting of licence without receiving the request form and requested details at least 4 weeks earlier than the project in question should start. Regarding to a process, the author cannot take in consideration any shorter notices. This does not include already existing licences which need to be extended in case they do not requires essential changes of a content.

A possibility of producing a custom made piece of art is stopped for the years 2019 - 2020 due to the author's workload. Should there be a matter with no concrete, actual terms, it is possible to start a tentative, non-commital dealings.


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